Team Review

At the end of each iteration, an Team Review is held in which the Team presents the results to the Stakeholders, with the Team receiving feedback from the Stakeholders and then jointly adjusting the Team Backlog when needed. Together with any changes to Team Backlog during the past Iteration (within the Team Backlog Refinement meetings), these provide the basis for the work on possible new value-added items. The Team Review is an informal meeting, not a status report. The demonstration of the results is intended as a stimulus for feedback and the basis for cooperation. At the end of the Team Review, the Product Owner may present an update on costs and scheduled dates or milestones.

For a four-week Iteration, an upper limit of four hours is used as the timebox for this meeting. For shorter Iterations, a shorter timebox is used. The Team Scrum Master ensures that the event takes place and the participants understand its purpose. The Team Scrum Master teaches all participants to complete the event within the given timebox.

The Team Review includes the following elements:

  • The participants, consisting of the Team and the Stakeholders invited by the Product Owner.
  • The Product Owner explains which Team Backlog entries are done.
  • The Working Team explains what went well during the Iteration, what Impediments and problems arose, and how the Team solved those. If necessary, the Team asks for support from the Stakeholders regarding Impediments
  • The Working Team presents the “done” work results and answers questions. Work results can be:
    • Inspectable Results,
    • Usable Knowledge,
    • an integrated sample of the System, Platform or Application
  • The Product Owner presents the current status of the Team Backlog. If required, he provides an updated forecast of delivery dates based on the development progress, e.g. by using a Burn-up-Chart based on the Velocity of the Team
  • All participants work together on what to do next so that the Product Owner gets valuable input for the upcoming Team Planning.
  • All participants reviews the schedule, budget, potential properties, and market expectations for the next version of the System or Application (aka Release).

The result of the Team Review is a reworked Team Backlog that matches the participants’ common knowledge and allows the Team to work on the highest value Team Backlog Items in the next Iteration. The Team Backlog can also be extensively redesigned to take advantage of new opportunities.



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